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When large-scale epidemics occur, when areas in crisis are too dangerous for many others, then the medical teams from MSF are there to ensure that the affected population can count on continual care being provided for their most basic health-care needs.

They organize basic medical care, treat the injured, carry out vaccination campaigns, train local medical staff and build up medical infrastructure. In long-term aid projects they dedicate themselves to the fight against diseases like tuberculosis, malaria, sleeping sickness, and HIV/AIDS.

The on-location work of our expats is often very exhausting, but also fascinating, demanding appropriate professional knowledge, and a large amount of motivation and commitment


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Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the positions in our projects are undertaken for a period of 9 to 12 months, while occasionally there are opportunities for 6-month positions. This period of commitment is a hard requirement because of the level of responsibility that MSF field workers will assume while on mission, the period they need to adjust to new conditions and the necessity to ensure continuity for the benefit of our beneficiaries and our local staff. Only in the case of specific profiles (surgeons, anesthesiologists and gynecologists) shorter assignments might be available.

One of the prerequisites for MSF expatriate staff is the completion of their studies, according to the required profile. In addition, the candidate must have at least two years of work experience in the area of work. MSF does not offer the possibility of internships in the field.

Upon receipt of your application, expect a first communication from MSF within a period of 2 weeks. The selection process, on average, is completed within 3 to 6 weeks. The waiting period before the first assignment could be anything between 1 to 4 months upon completion of a special induction training that prepares our field expatriates for their first assignment.

Specifically for this first assignment you will have to exercise patience and flexibility, as field positions are based on the needs in our projects which are very dynamic and subjective to change.

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